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Research shows that focused application of the tools described at our website (see Welcome, for instance) dramatically speeds up your job search.


Our methods and tools have been tested on over 100,000 individuals in job or career transition since 1997. Our first contract in that year was to help some 40,000 displaced employees at AT&T. We built TalentAlliance.ORG, a web portal similar to this site to help individuals quickly get back on their feet.



This page describes the types of workshops we hold. To view the calendar of upcoming events, please visit the Events page.



We offer the following job search resources:

FREE Seminars around the country, typically at organizations affiliated with State Unemployment offices, churches, and so on. Examples of our free seminars include those at:

Job Connections
Experience Unlimited

Workshops - the format includes single day (8 hours, called a BOOT CAMP) and multi-day (up to 8 sessions of 3 hours each)

These are more experiential in nature, where attendees get to try out new behaviors. Our target outcomes are to create winning resumes and cover letters, bring clarity on career goals, conduct mock job interviews, create an online presence and help individuals become more proficient and also more committed to self development.

Look at the column to the right, under EVENTS to see upcoming Seminars, Workshops and WEBINARS

Webinars - see Events for the schedule of upcoming webinars and Radio for the target topics for online discussion. The Radio page has replays of several sample sessions.

Suggested Process For Staying Informed Of Our Workshops and Seminars

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  3. We'll send you a FREE 32 page guide on how to thoroughly prepare for job search just for registering for the newsletter.

Hire an Electronic Coach - this service provides guided assistance to help you build your job search documents, become clear on your career direction, improve goal and time management, create a compelling online presence, and lastly, and most importantly, commit to self-development. 


The Electronic Coach offers a huge library of the electronic content from Job Success. This affordable service is your best path to skilling up for job search, preparing for job interviewing, creating a website or driving traffic to webpages (SEO best practices).



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